How to travel to Kiel

The easiest way to Kiel from the airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel (and back) is the Kiel-Hamburg airport shuttle bus Kielius or KielEXX. You can also go by train:

Workshop Venue

EMISA 2020 will be held on 14th and 15th May 2020 in the building of the Institute of Computer Science in Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 2, 24118 Kiel. You can reach us by bus (line 60S, 61, 62, 91) getting off at station Universität or Universität/ Westring. Bus schedules to station Universität or Universität/ Westring can be found at KVG Kiel.

When getting off at station Universität or Universität/ Westring, you just have to follow the Olshausenstr. for 100m. Now you can turn left to Christian-Albrechts-Platz and pass the high building. You have to follow the street to the next intersection. Now the bulding is on your right side, across Studentenwerk SH and the hexagon building.

To order a taxi in Kiel call +49431 7757575 (Vineta Taxi Kiel) or +49 431 77070 (Mare Taxi)

If you want to reach us by car, parking on the street is free for you. Otherwise you can use Otto-Hahn-Platz for parking.


Social Event Venue

We will meet for dinner in the Hafenwirtschaft. The restaurant with heavy wooden beams and stylish, maritime decor offers innovative north german cuisine. You can find the Hafenwirtschaft here:

Kanalstraße 65, 24159 Kiel

To directly reach the social event venue you can take the bus 91 from „Universität Kiel“ to „Kastanienallee“. You will cross the Nord-Ostsee-Bridge on your way, while you can see the floodgate. From „Kastanienallee“ you walk less than 200 meters, so you just have to follow the Kanalstraße.

If you are interested you can also use the ferry as a special highlight  to reach the location. Follow the Beselerallee for 25 Minutes until you reach the Reventloubrücke. In the surrounding area you can find the parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. From here you can take the ferry to „Holtenau“. Have a look at Fährlinie Kiel to get more information.

On your way have a look at the Kieler port and the Marine Ehrenmal in Laboe to see ships turning backwards.

Hotels in Kiel

B&B Hotel Kiel-Wissenschaftspark, Fraunhoferstraße 3, 24118 Kiel

Tel.: +49 431 / 88860010 , E-Mail:

650m walking distance, Buffet breakfast, close to the University and the botanical garden

B&B Hotels, Kaistraße 70, 24114 Kiel

Tel.: +49 431 / 55727-0, E-Mail:

4,6 km walking distance, Convenient overnight stays and maritime flair

Hotel Astor Kiel, Holstenplatz 1-2, 24103 Kiel

Tel.: +49 431 99790, E-Mail:

3,9 km walking distance, Skandinavian breakfast, close to the central station and the Sparkassenarena

Intercity Hotel Kiel, Kaistraße 54-56, 24114 Kiel

Tel.: +49 431 6643-0, E-Mail:

4,4 km walking distance, FreeCityTicket so you can use the public transport for free, restaurant with view of the harbor