Registration Information

Registration fee

  • 65 Euro for members of EMISA
  • 95 Euro for all others

Registration is done by transferring the amount of money (see above) to the banking account of the University of Kiel:
IBAN: DE82 2000 0000 0020 2015 77
BIC: MARKDEF1200 ( Bundesbank Hamburg )

IMPORTANT : Please specify as purpose of your payment the following:
04027646485100 your name and institution AND 8888.00.119 55 BA 440, Fi.St. 88 6021 66

(e.g. 04027646485100 Agnes Koschmider, University of Kiel; 8888.00.119 55 BA 440, Fi.St. 88 6021 66)

We will hand over a receipt to each participant at the registration desk during EMISA 2020.

Please understand that without a payment visible on our banking account or at least a credible document supporting
your argument that payment has been made, on-site registration is required. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.