Novel Directions Talk Proposals:

* P. Alexander, S. Hacks, J. Jung, U. Steffens, Ö. Uludag and H. Lichter: A Framework for Managing Enterprise Architecture Debts – Outline and Research Directions

* D. Mosteller, M. Haustermann, D. Moldt and D. Schmitz: Integrated Simulation of Domain-Specific Modeling Languages with Petri Net-based Transformational Semantic

* P. Fettke: Current Research Talk: Conceptual Modelling and Artificial Intelligence – Overview and research challenges from the perspective of predictive business process management

* M. Fellmann, F. Lambusch and M. Dehne: Towards Intelligent Personal Task and Time Management: Requirements and Opportunities for Advanced To-do Lists

* J. Michael, B. Rumpe and S. Varga: Human Behavior, Goals and Model-Driven Software Engineering for Assistive Systems

* Michael Poppe: Requirements and Effects on Companies and Employees of Idea Management Systems in SMEs

Current Research Talk Proposals:

* H. Knoche and W. Hasselbring: Divers and Barriers for Microservice Adoption

* C. Simon and S. Haag: A Case-Study to Teach Process-Aware Information Systems

* J. Mendling, N. Berente, S. Seidel and T. Grisold: The Diverse Ends-in-View of Research on Business Processes and Organizational Routines

* H. Ritchi, M. Jans, J. Mendling and H. A. Reijers: Business process representation and performance of different task types

* S. Nuñez von Voigt, S. Fahrenkrog-Petersen, D. Janssen, A. Koschmider, F. Tschorsch, F. Mannhardt, O. Landsiedel and M. Weidlich: Quantifying the Re-identication Risk of Event Logs for Process Mining

* M. Bauer, H. van der Aa and M. Weidlich: Estimating Process Conformance by Trace Sampling and Result Approximation

* A. Polyvyanyy, A. Solti, M. Weidlich, C. Di Ciccio and J. Mendling: Monotone Precision and Recall Measures for Comparing Executions and Specifications of Dynamic Systems

* J. Michael, L. Netz, B. Rumpe and S. Varga:  Towards Privacy-Preserving IoT Systems Using Model Driven Engineering

* R. Laue and T. Bauer: Research Challenges for the Modelling of the Resource and Organizational View